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Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

My name is Rob Bach.  I am currently 13 years old.  I am going  into 8th grade at RBMS (my friends know where that is).  I am considered strange, annoying, and stupid at my school by the majority of my classmates.  Although it may be true in others opinion that I am strange and annoying, it is certainly incorrect that I am stupid.  A few of my friends know that am quite intelligent.  That is what I would like to clear up right now.  Many people actually think that quite the contrary of annoying, I am funny.  I would certainly hope so, and to anyone who thinks I am annoying, please just take into consideration that I am usually just trying to be funny.

In my website you will find the true, unheld back fright that is I

Goofy happy face

Favorite Stuff

Here are some things that I like(and don't).

Favorite TV Show: King of the Hill
Favorite Movie: War of the Worlds
Favorite Music: Country
Favorite Book: All Stephen King books
Favorite Sports Team: I despise sports
Favorite Food: Pizza
People I Most Admire: Mimes because they don't talk.

Favorite Quotes

Learn from your mistakes.

Learn from other people's mistakes, after all you can't make them all yourself.

What Came Out of a Teen Boys Brain